Pentalon CS Skyhouse 1200x675 - View of penthouses
 Pentalon CS Skyhouse 1200x675 - View of penthouses

Case Study: Pentalon Construction Deploys CMiC Platform to Drive Digital Transformation


Since its founding in 1993, this industry leading construction management firm has specialized in multi-family and commercial construction. The firm performs over $100 million in multi-family projects annually, building over 6,000 units during the past decade. That annual revenue is expected to rise considerably as the company begins to take on much larger projects, increasing from 300 units to upwards of 500 units per project, all with the same level of delivery quality.   

“We started on this road back in 2017, with a goal to improve communication between systems and assure data reliability. We’ve done that. With that foundation, we are well-positioned to take advantage of the added insights derived from embedded analytics, allowing us to expand our services and enhance the effectiveness of project delivery.” — Shay Johansen, Chief Operations Officer, Pentalon Construction. 

The Challenges 

  • Need to align our project management and accounting activities.  

  • Investing in standalone accounting and project administration/project management applications, along with heavy reliance on spreadsheets and Word documents. 

How CMiC Helped 

  • Seamlessly collaborate with all project stakeholders, control changes, manage the supply chain of subcontractors and material suppliers, simplify the bid process and manage documents. 

  • Unified system with documents that are accessible by trade partners. 

  • Streamlined workflow and documentation of CMiC, members can track where issues began (e.g., during design or construction) and the path of potential delays to an RFI. 


  • The yearly cost for CMiC versus the legacy systems Pentalon had been using was 40% less

  • Members are notified of every RFI and issue that is created.  

  • Ability to take action on Pentalon’s greatly expanded business intelligence (BI) capabilities. 

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