Exterior hotel Evans Chaffee Beaver Creek Landing 1200x960
Exterior hotel Evans Chaffee Beaver Creek Landing 1200x960

Case Study: Evans Chaffee’s Search for a Unified Project Management & Accounting Solution


Evans Chaffee Construction Group is a mid-size contractor in Colorado’s Vail Valley. It aims to win work that best fits the company, so its workload fluctuates as a result. In some years, the company completes $20M in commercial and high-end residential projects; in other years, it completes up to $40M.   

“I wanted to go fast with implementation, and CMiC wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted them to keep up with me—and they did. Our lead implementation consultant [Aaron] was just outstanding. I now feel like I’m family with the support team. I’ve never met them, but out of all the software providers we’ve worked with, they made me feel truly supported and like we were in this together.” – Michele Evans, Vice President/CFO, Evans Chaffee Construction Group. 

The Challenges 

  • Evans Chaffee tried a number of software platforms, but some lacked the tools necessary for efficient project management, while others were missing the capabilities required for accurate accounting—and none were able to support the back office and the field as one holistic operation. 

  • Evans Chaffee needed a platform to manage billing efficiently.  

  • Some vendors seemed uninterested in enhancing their products or lacked the customer service and support required for a fully integrated deployment. 

How CMiC Helped 

  • Provides robust and unified project management and accounting capabilities. 

  • Less time wasted entering data manually and tracking down documentation because project management and billing capabilities are streamlined into one efficient and integrated platform. 

  • Increased confidence in accurate data entry due to customizable and automated options for oversight, which prevent mistakes from being made in the system. 


  • More money saved on overhead by outsourcing non-value added tasks. Evans Chaffee now uses an outside data entry firm to input invoice information, which allows it to keep the in-house accounting department lean, regardless of the workload. 

  • Improved risk management due to automated and comprehensive oversight of project management and accounting systems. 

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