Chasse cedar cross exterior hotel
Chasse cedar cross exterior hotel

Case Study: Chasse Building Team Deploys CMiC to Boost Efficiency and Support Explosive Growth


Chasse Building Team is an Arizona-based and community-focused commercial building general contractor specializing in the education, multi-family and commercial building sectors. Since their founding just eleven years ago, Chasse has grown significantly, from $22 million in 2008 to $278 million in 2018. 

“When one of our project coordinators issued her first subcontract, she assumed that she missed a few steps or made a mistake because it only took her a few minutes to produce the entire subcontract package. Generating a complete subcontract with CMiC is a huge time saver and is allowing us to redefine other processes and give our project coordinators more responsibility.” — Jason Switz, Chief Financial Officer at Chasse Building Team. 

The Challenges 

  • Improve company-wide communication and collaboration.

  • Fix inhouse inadequacy of its existing solutions. 

  • Teams could not consistently access Sage 300 from remote jobsite locations.   

How CMiC Helped 

  • CMiC's Microsoft Integration Package functionality automatically pulls relevant fields for subcontract packages.

  • Expanded remote access that eliminated the numerous redundancies and double data entry. 

  • CMiC can be deployed as an on-premise platform, as Platform-as-a-Service (or PaaS), or as part of a multi-tenant cloud environment.  


  • CMiC's Microsoft Integration Package enhanced Chasse's process with Sage 300's 20–30-minute manual operation into a moment of seconds.  

  • Today, the entire Chasse team enjoys secure access to their full suite of CMiC enterprise software, at any time and from any location—from the jobsite to people’s homes. 

  • Chasse has given its project managers much more powerful tools to effectively coordinate the 200+ projects the company manages each year.  

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