Two construction executives looking at an iPad
Two construction executives looking at an iPad

Top 10 Priorities for General Contractors in 2024

In the dynamic field of construction, general contractors face evolving challenges and opportunities. This list outlines the top 10 priorities for general contractors in 2024, offering insights into leveraging technology for enhanced efficiency and success.

1. Adoption of Advanced Construction Technologies

Embracing innovative construction technologies such as Building Information
Modeling (BIM), drones, and augmented reality to enhance project efficiency and productivity.

2. Workforce Development and Retention

Addressing the ongoing labor shortage by investing in workforce development programs, apprenticeships, and employee retention strategies.

3. Sustainability and Climate-Responsive Practices

Integrating sustainable construction practices and climate-responsive design to meet the increasing demand for environmentally friendly building solutions.

4. Digital Transformation and Project Management

Leveraging digital tools for streamlined project management, remote collaboration, and real-time data analytics to improve operational efficiency.

5. Financial Accountability and Transparency

Enhancing financial management processes to ensure accountability, transparency, and cost control throughout all project phases.

6. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Staying updated with regulatory changes, prioritizing safety, and implementing robust risk management strategies to mitigate potential disruptions.

7. Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Embracing on-site construction methods to reduce project timelines, minimize waste, and optimize cost-effectiveness.

8. Client-Centric Service Delivery

Focusing on delivering exceptional client experiences through effective communication, transparency, and quality craftsmanship.

9. Infrastructure and Clean Energy Projects

Capitalizing on the growth opportunities in infrastructure, transportation, and clean energy projects to diversify business portfolios.

10. Strategic Partnerships and Technology Integration

Collaborating with industry-specific technology partners like CMiC to integrate comprehensive ERP solutions for seamless project delivery and operational excellence.

With all of these advancements in store, general contractors which embrace change will find themselves at a competitive advantage.