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How to Survive as a Modern Construction Firm

There’s no question about it: advanced management software is shaking up the construction industry. From the worksite to the office, new technologies offer huge profit opportunities.

Still, many firms aren’t budging. They’re committed to sticking it out with dated software, even if it means being left behind in a rapidly advancing construction landscape. This is a mistake. To survive and thrive in the years ahead, executives will have to embrace new technology.

Using Tech to Survive

Not convinced? Here are 3 ways advanced technology and software will help your company survive in our highly competitive industry:

1. Enterprise Mobility

Mobile ERP is a well-documented game changer for the construction industry. The disconnect that once existed between worksite and in-office players has been replaced with anywhere access to important project data. A mobile database means that all stakeholders are kept in the loop, which means no drawn-out email chains or unnecessary meetings.

Tip #1: To make the most of a mobile strategy, look into optimizing your document management systems for mobile use. Certain mobile platforms are built to easily accommodate data sharing between numerous devices and tools.

2. Automation

Saving valuable man-hours is especially important now that we’re experiencing a widespread labor shortage. Using technology to automate company processes increases productivity both onsite and in-office.

Automation may come in the form of hardware — like drones and 3D printers — or software. Automating software has the ability to empower key players so that they can complete their tasks faster and with reduced human error.

3. Access to Big Data

Access to a wide variety of crucial information allows key players to make informed decisions in less time. The speed and ease of accessing and collecting data allows executives and project managers to gain deeper operational insights and ultimately make better decisions.

Making a Smooth Transition

With so many industry experts praising the value of modern tech, it’s surprising to see construction firms hesitating. When probed about their reservations, many executives talk about the pains of adoption and the potential loss of productivity while transitioning their workforce to a new system.

But migrating to a new software solution doesn’t have to reduce efficiency. Partnering with the right vendor will alleviate the stresses of adoption. Look for unified construction software that’s compatible with your current workflow and includes customizable dashboards and a range of useful tools. This will ensure that the software can be tailored to your firm’s exact needs.

Tip #2: Beware of integrating individual software apps. As individual platforms grow, they can become less compatible with your overall system. Eventually these apps become isolated, scattering relevant information across platforms and creating “data silos.”

Embracing technological solutions for construction operations will transform your business in almost every way  the three benefits we’ve listed above are just the beginning. Check out these 7 reasons to leverage construction management software.