Female construction worker holding an iPad
Female construction worker holding an iPad

ERP Feature Spotlight: CMiC Enterprise Content Management

The modern construction project is not only a complex job site operation, but also a test of a contractor’s ability to manage and organize the massive streams of data generated day after day. From email correspondences and financial reports to digital blueprint resources and graphics-heavy files, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the flow of information unless teams have a dedicated solution to address the issue. That’s where CMiC Enterprise Content Management delivers incredible value, offering a centralized platform to collect and organize key digital resources of all kinds.

Consolidated content

Over the course of a construction project, files and documents may be scattered across various hard drives, email accounts and personal devices, making it difficult to maintain complete control of critical information. With an ECM platform, however, supervisors can track and organize content from all corners of the digital domain, dragging and dropping resources from their original locations to a central vault that synchronizes across systems automatically. No longer will team members have to rummage through archives and databases in search of a particular document or image – everything is in its right place.

Integration across apps

Because construction content is generated and stored in such a wide range of enterprise applications, businesses can’t afford to suffer compatibility issues when orchestrating operations on a large scale. With CMiC ECM, applications are readily integrated with the platform, allowing users to seamlessly transition from one tool to the next without running into consistency problems or having to copy information across various modules. The software is built to interact with other CMiC features without a hitch, built on a unified data set that always maintains the most relevant information.

The most compelling use case for ECM’s compatibility is its integration with CMiC’s Building Information Modeling solutions BIM 360. With this level of coordination, design and construction teams can see much deeper into their BIM structures, as these models are now supplemented with data from the ECM platform. This allows images, reports and budgets to be easily accessed within the BIM module, saving end users time and energy as they enjoy the power of synchronized content at their fingertips.

Deeper analytics insights

CMiC ECM lets construction teams take a comprehensive approach to analytics, accelerating the discovery of patterns and best practices that would otherwise require additional third-party support. Since data sets are synchronized automatically across the system, supervisors can enjoy real-time insights in the form of professional reports and spreadsheets – valuable resources that can serve to solidify procedures and relationships with business partners. Analysis can be presented in a variety of formats and detail certain components of the project’s development to meet specific demands.

Finally, the analytics systems of CMiC ECM can be structured in a range of customized arrangements, delivering powerful insights for team members, partners and executive leaders alike. This allows construction firms to focus on refining particular aspects of their operations while maintaining a big-picture perspective on the overall capabilities and challenges of their business.

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