Six executives overhead shot standing around a table
Six executives overhead shot standing around a table

Change Management and User Adoption Processes

In the business world, change is often met with resistance. Implementing a new construction ERP into your firm’s technology stack is no exception. In many cases, employees resist using the new solution due to unfamiliarity or concerns about disruption.

Fortunately, there are best practices to help leaders ensure a seamless transition, all while effectively managing concerns and boosting employee morale.

Here are some proven practices:

1. Change Champions

Identify enthusiastic employees who can act as change champions. They can promote the benefits of the ERP and assist their colleagues in adopting the new system.

2. User Feedback

Regularly gather feedback from users about their experience with the ERP.
Address any usability issues or concerns to enhance user satisfaction.

3. Incentives and Recognition

Offer incentives or recognition for users who excel in adopting the ERP quickly and effectively. Positive reinforcement can encourage wider adoption.

4. Continuous Training

Provide ongoing training sessions to keep users updated about new features and best practices. This ensures that the ERP's full potential is realized.

By applying these proven practices into your post-implementation plan, you will set the stage for a smooth transition and accelerate the time to value that your new ERP will provide.