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7 Actions to Ensure that Your Switch to a Construction Software Platform is Successful

A construction software platform can help your firm tackle some of the most common operational challenges, ensuring that your projects run on time, on budget and on spec. Yet 26% of construction firms struggle to find the time to implement and train in new technology1.

Despite the obstacles and initial investment of time and money in new technology, with the right solution, the benefits will outweigh the costs. If your firm is keeping legacy tools and processes in place for the sake of sticking to what’s familiar, you may be perpetuating inefficiencies and missing opportunities to scale your business. Multiple studies indicate that new capabilities typically result in dramatic improvements in productivity, accuracy, responsiveness and profitability.

Given that construction continues to struggle with one of the lowest productivity levels of any industry, it’s critical for firms to begin embracing next-generation tools and best practices for back office and field operations management. A scalable construction software platform can play a key role in your firm’s ability to respond, adapt and execute.

Key benefits of a construction software platform include:

  • Single version of truth with secure data access anytime, anywhere and from any device

  • Stronger collaboration with internal and external stakeholders

  • Optimized workflows

  • Accurate, real-time project tracking

  • Robust financial reporting and reliable forecasting

Despite knowing all the benefits of deploying a new construction software platform, it can still be daunting to get started. Once you identify and proactively address what’s holding you back, you can feel more confident embarking on the journey to deploy your new platform.

This checklist will help you answer key questions so you can make a successful transition:

  • How can you overcome roadblocks to implementation?

  • How can you get buy-in to change and improve processes?

  • How can you realize alignment and drive engagement with all stakeholders?

  • How can you remain competitive in an increasingly competitive and uncertain environment?

Use these 7 action steps to start a successful transition to a construction software platform.

7 Actions to Ensure that Your Switch to a Construction Software Platform is Successful

1. Construction Outlook Survey Results, AGC of America, 2019