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Drawings and city skyline on a blue background 1200x700

5 Critical Risk Factors Solved with Advanced ERP

Construction projects have gotten a lot more complicated over the past 20 years. While technology has made the process easier, high-tech tools have added more data into the equation than ever before. As a result, firms are managing a whole new set of risks.

To help you find the right software for managing your data, we’ve outlined important software solutions for avoiding Construction Exec’s 5 major project risks.

1. Project Delays

Problem: Outdated data leads to project delays. Using software to manage data can be helpful, but it can also make data sharing more difficult.

Solution: You can improve data sharing by storing information on a single database. This will give key players access to all the latest information.

2. Quality Assurance Issues

Problem: QA can be tedious. When it comes to QA issues, construction management software can help smooth the way by standardizing the process. Incorporating audits and reporting mechanisms into QA allows executives to monitor the process.

Solution: The best software for QA lets workers enter audit trails and keep logs using their mobile devices. To make sure workers make use these of mobile tools, find an interface that is easy to use.

Tip: look for project management software with dashboards that provide simple overviews of key information.

3. Data Conflicts

Problem: Many firms use a maze of software tools to manage their data. But, when these tools aren’t properly integrated, data must be duplicated across platforms. This wastes time, reduces productivity and makes it nearly impossible to maintain data accuracy.

Solution: Look for a solution that is built for advanced integration. By investing in a unified system, you’ll create fewer “data silos.” You’ll also make your workers’ jobs easier by giving them access to a single, trustworthy database.

4. Lost Documents

Problem: Companies that use more than one platform find that information gets scattered. As a result, stakeholders have trouble finding updated documents.

Solution: By using a single platform, you can reduce document loss. And, storing everything on a single database makes it easier to access.

5. Missed Assignments

Problem: During day-to-day operations, it’s not hard to lose track of assignments — even with modern technology on your side. Unfortunately, missing assignments causes project delays.

Solution: To stay on top of large teams, look for collaboration tools, standard logging tools and automatic reminders.

Choosing the right data management platform will help your company avoid risk. For more information, check out 5 Ways Unified Financial Software Reduces Risk.

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