Two executives looking at a drawing and using a calculator on a table
Two executives looking at a drawing and using a calculator on a table

3 Ways the Cloud Frees up Valuable Resources

Before third-party cloud services, firms were forced to manage their own IT resources. This involved difficult decisions about the number of servers to run and when to scale-up or consolidate. Today, many firms still have extra servers sitting idly by, collecting dust and taking up expensive real estate. Enter cloud computing: Cloud service providers reduce the stress and costs associated with managing IT hardware. Here are three ways the cloud can optimize your IT resources:

1. No Hidden Costs

Risk is a fundamental part of executive decision making, especially when dealing with large investments. When it comes to managing your own data center, there are many variables. Staffing, real estate and electricity can all carry hidden costs that may lead to overruns and project delays. Cloud providers offer stable pricing so you can protect your bottom line.

2. External IT Support

Free up your IT employees from time-consuming server maintenance and disaster relief. If anything does go wrong, a reliable cloud provider will make it their #1 priority to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. After all, a software vendor’s reputation is only as good as their service.

3. Flexible Scalability

With on-premise servers, business growth means scaling-up hardware to meet new demands. This can be a complex process, and firms may lag behind while acquiring their expensive new hardware. Or, leaders may “jump the gun” by scaling-up too quickly and overspending on inactive servers. With cloud services, you can adjust your data capacity whenever demand fluctuates.

Pay as you go for only the resources you need? It’s no wonder cloud-based construction software is gaining massive popularity. To learn more about the cloud revolution, read The Cloud: Impacting Modern Construction.