The lifecycle of a construction project is becoming more complex every day. Executives are tasked with managing a never-ending list of change orders, budgeting concerns, vendor relationships—the list goes on. At the same time, clients have raised their standards, expecting constant communication. CMiC Field is CMiC’s answer to these growing challenges: a central hub featuring comprehensive project tools that are specifically designed for the construction industry.

CMiC Field empowers natural workflow by automating tasks and streamlining data. It acts as the project nerve center, a place where executives can easily view the broad range of project data necessary for making confident decisions. And with high-powered tools integrated into a single platform, CMiC Field cuts out wasted time and strengthens construction management.

Let’s take a closer look at the CMiC Field integrated tool-set:

Automation Tools

CMiC Field’s automation tools can instantly boost efficiency and deliver superior results. Automate the bid evaluation process with customizable exclusions and inclusions. Use the Vendor Relationship Management dashboard to prequalify subcontractors. By automating otherwise time-consuming tasks, you’ll get the results you’re looking for in less time.

Integrated Functionality

CMiC Field tracks and combines crucial data so decision-makers can see the full picture with a single glance. Easily track time, expenses and capital costs with customized cost philosophies based on project and geographical requirements. And drill down into jobsite operations by viewing standardized reports, daily journal wrap-ups and active team punchlists. CMiC Field offers a unified database and a unified outlook on operations.

Organized Collaboration

Strong, efficient partnerships are essential to today’s construction firms: Subcontractors, consultants, suppliers, clients and other key collaborators must be kept in the loop for projects to run smoothly. That’s why CMiC Field offers modules to organize and empower communications. Communicate in real-time and receive alerts based on actionable items with the collaboration module. CMiC promotes large-scale collaboration by synchronizing the latest files, communications and project info to a single database.

These high-level benefits are just the beginning. With the powerful functionality of CMiC Field, you’ll master operations from start to finish.