As the backbone of the construction industry, general contractors are tapped for their broad experience managing and delivering all aspects of a project—from concept to closeout. Because a GC’s core duties involve planning and allocating resources, managing budgets and schedules, and delivering projects profitably, running their financials and operations on a single ERP and field platform is essential to their success.

With project complexity, labor shortages, compliance requirements and construction litigation on the rise, reliably capturing and leveraging enterprise data with a single database becomes the foundation to achieve and sustain profitable growth while minimizing operational risks.

A few highlights of CMiC’s capabilities for general contractors:

  • Job Initiation – Start every job on the right foot and track project progress from opportunity through to closeout
  • Forecast to WIP – Using the Financials module, leverage a project manager’s forecast when performing monthly WIP adjustments as part of period end close
  • Change Management – Track cost, billing and risk impact in real time, and see those changes executed automatically across the enterprise

Learn how hundreds of general contractors—from mid-sized regional firms to 25% of ENR’s Top 400 construction enterprises—run and profitably scale their businesses with CMiC’s Single Database Platform™.


As deep experts in specific trades, specialty contractors must rely on capabilities that support their unique requirements in order to complete their self-performed jobs in the context of broader projects. Communications within their teams—but also with GCs and project owners—need to be streamlined, consistent and accurate to keep a diverse set of projects on track. In addition, all collaborative activities should be tracked and recorded to maintain complete transparency and control.

The right construction software platform will not only maximize productivity and efficiency but will ensure that all parties involved can be held accountable for project delivery that is on spec, on time and on budget.

A few highlights of CMiC’s capabilities for specialty contractors:

  • Productivity Forecasting – Accurately forecast dollars and quantities needed to complete an output unit and track progress—in real time—against an original estimate
  • Asset Management – Execute materials purchases with confidence—with a platform that seamlessly unifies asset management with inventory and purchase orders
  • HCM for Jobs Time Tracking – Track labor time reliably with a system that unifies HCM, job costing and GL into a single platform

Learn why dozens of specialty contractors—from mid-sized regional firms to billion-dollar national enterprises—are discovering how CMiC’s Single Database Platform™ meets all of their back office, project management and collaboration requirements.


CMiC has helped organizations of every size and scope—from national-scale enterprises to regional family-owned businesses, and from general and specialty contractors to heavy/highway and project owners—elevate to new heights how they manage their construction business.


Heavy/highway and civil infrastructure construction is one of the most challenging categories of work, not only due to the technical complexity of projects, but also resulting from a firm’s contractual agreements with federal, state or local governments. Tight operational controls are crucial to avoid the severe penalties that come with delays in delivery. Heavy/highway contractors without a tight handle on their financial forecasting, resource planning and other matters related to the timeliness and accuracy of completion may end up with a money-losing project or—worse yet—unlikely to receive any future government contracts.

With the right project and accounting controls, capturing and analyzing various costs for bidding and budgeting projects will help heavy/highway contractors ensure accuracy in their estimates. The reliability of estimates will also ensure that investors, lenders and other stakeholders will have confidence in the financial reports and, in turn, the success of the project.

A few highlights of CMiC’s capabilities for heavy/highway contractors:

  • Equipment Management – Optimize asset management with total flexibility in equipment rates for costing and billing purposes
  • Billing – Accurately track units in place versus units for which you can bill
  • Forecasting – Forecast productivity for all self-performed work

Learn how CMiC is helping heavy/highway contractors manage portfolios of technically and contractually challenging projects while minimizing operational risk and enhancing margins.


From hospitality management companies to healthcare networks and from higher education institutions to government agencies, project owners in the private and public sectors rely on having complete visibility into the frequent changes that must be managed in a highly fluid construction environment. In addition, they need to keep costs under control, ensure uncompromised project delivery and manage all documents and data flawlessly across the lifecycle of every project.

Because project owners are accountable for fulfilling strict facilities requirements specified by different groups across their organization, they need an enterprise solution that cuts across functional departments and business units. With transparency across all aspects of a project, owners can make better-informed economic decisions and proactively share project status updates with all stakeholders and teams involved.

A few highlights of CMiC’s capabilities for project owners:

  • Full Cost Management – Track, analyze and manage all estimated and actual costs—from design to closeout
  • Effective Collaboration – Ensure that all project participants stay in sync with a 360-degree view of every job
  • Analytical Dashboards – Quickly understand trends, implications and necessary actions with a complete visualization of project status and costs, including advanced charting and drill downs

Explore how CMiC is becoming the ERP and field operations platform of choice for project owners—from global hotel chains to large government agencies.


Your business has the potential to grow faster and for longer—but your teams need to keep up. Invest in the software to help them do just that. The CMiC platform is purpose-built for the construction industry, ensuring that your users, and the unique workflows that they manage, are not just supported, but also enhanced by the right capabilities. Speak with an expert to learn how CMiC can help you grow faster while boosting your profits.
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