CMiC Mobile: the immeasurable power of CMiC in the palm of your hands.

Designed for the Cloud and backed by proven Project Controls, CMiC Mobile Field puts the command of CMiC – the source of truth – securely in the palm of your hands. With anytime, anywhere – real-time – access, this powerful, intuitive, and easy to use app, streamlines data collection and management without the cumbersome effort of re-keying data.

CMiC Mobile Applications

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Mobile Field

Whether your team uses an iPad, or Android device, CMiC’s Mobile Field connects you anywhere, at any time. Review, create, edit, and share actionable project data with team members from any location whether connected or casually disconnected.  Record and view daily job site activities, weather, labor and labor productivity.  Access your project directory, manage RFIs, manage drawings, take photos and attach them to drawings and punch items plus so much more.

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Mobile Web

CMiC Mobile WEB releases unparalleled Enterprise Construction software on mobile devices with optimal viewing and navigation. Designed for mobile browsers like Safari and Chrome, this solution combines desktop functionality with a mobile friendly experience. Mobile WEB moves beyond the office and delivers your Enterprise Construction desktop to mobile devices without any loss in your operational workflow.

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ECM Mobile

CMiC’s ECM mobile is made for the Enterprise and is part of a suite of mobile applications enabling next-generation construction teams to execute their projects with faster, more accurate, and cost-efficient methods than ever before. CMiC ECM allows project stakeholders to quickly view, markup and create communication Project types like RFIs, along with versioning and file check-in/check-out from their tablet with Enterprise based identity and access controls.