Labor Productivity Management

Integration Summary

SmartBarrel is a no fraud, excuse-free, and easy to use time tracking solution for contractors. Their innovative hardware and software solution uses AI-powered biometric facial verification to verify employees, providing accurate and reliable data while eliminating errors, payroll disputes, and compliance issues. The platform provides real-time check-in/check-out data for employee hours to keep payroll and job costing on track.

SmartBarrel pulls jobs, sub jobs, and cost codes directly from CMiC and all timesheet data is synced back from SmartBarrel to CMiC so you get the most accurate time, guaranteed!

Dataflow Chart

The integration automates data exchange and eliminates the manual import/export of information between systems. Enabling construction companies to get the most accurate time from the field.

The integration between SmartBarrel and CMiC will allow contractors to:

  • Connect and sync accurate timesheets from SmartBarrel with job cost and payroll modules in CMiC to minimize manual and double entry and ensure all information flows smoothly

  • Bring in only relevant labor cost codes by being able to filter cost codes based on cost types

  • Sync active employees, jobs, sub-jobs, and cost codes from CMiC to SmartBarrel in seconds to start collecting time and assigning sub-jobs and cost codes to shifts

High-level field mapping

License Requirements

  • SmartBarrel subscription

  • CMiC Human Resources or eTime module

  • CMiC API Package required

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