Subcontractor Payment Management

Integration Summary

Oracle Textura is a construction payment management application that helps general contractors, owners, and subcontractors simplify and automate processes for invoicing, approvals, lien waiver and compliance management, and disbursement.

Oracle Textura guides project partners through every part of the payment process: initiating a draw, submitting a pay application, markups and approvals, creating the owner billing, collecting lien waivers and compliance documents, enforcing compliance requirements, payment authorization, and disbursement. Oracle Textura supports more than a dozen integration points through a bi-directional integration with CMiC, so your team does not have to do manual or double data entry. To simplify subcontractor payments, the application facilitates the secure digital exchange of a current,

Dataflow Chart

  • Efficiency gained through elimination of manual or duplicate entry of things like contracts, change orders, compliance, invoices, and payments into the accounting system

  • Risk mitigated through reduction of human error

  • Improved collaboration and decision making by ensuring that the most up-to-date data is reflecting in both systems

CMiC & Textura Integration Points

Oracle Textura Payment Management integrates with CMiC to ensure a seamless flow of data across your key financial systems to optimize payment processes. The integration automates data exchange and eliminates the manual import/export of information between systems for contracts, change orders, compliance status, invoices, payments, and draw documents.

  • Two-way automation of data transfers

  • Configurable timing and frequency of import/export jobs

  • Searchable audit screens for ready access of historical information

License and Support

License Requirements

Requires a subscription to Oracle Textura Payment Management Cloud Services.

Support Information

Oracle customers have access to electronic support through Support Cloud. Contact Oracle Global Customer Support at, call our support center, or click the Chat with Support link from the Help menu at the top of any page in TPM.

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