Compliance, Risk and Safety Management

Two construction workers climbing beams

Construction’s Choice for Safety Software

Two construction workers climbing beams

Built for construction, HammerTech’s software was created for contractors to improve worker safety and solve efficiency challenges. Launched in 2013, HammerTech is now trusted by over 15,000 construction projects led by revered contractors like DPR Construction, Digital Realty, CRB and Shawmut Design and Construction to make their safety processes 2X more effective and 2X more efficient.

Move teams beyond paper and digital forms. HammerTech connects your people, subcontractors and processes to results giving teams the data they’ve been missing and need for continuous safety improvement.

HammerTech and CMiC Integration

The HammerTech and CMiC integration improves project governance and speeds up project start-up. Business partner and project profiles can automatically sync with HammerTech and labor hours populate from HammerTech to the Business Partner profile within CMiC improving project visibility from the site to the office.

With the HammerTech and CMiC you:

  • Avoid duplication and improve governance for vendors, project information and labor hour management.

  • Build an efficient tech stack and safer jobsites with all safety processes in one place.

  • Access safety culture changing insights and improve compliance with game-changing preventative data.

Vendor and CMiC Sync

Improve Visibility

More Efficient

More Effective

License Requirements

  • To integrate HammerTech and CMiC, clients require a licensed CMiC Mobile server on-premise.

  • Server purchase to be coordinated by the client with CMiC.

  • Once purchased, the CMiC mobile server has to be available over the public internet.

  • Create a user account with the required licenses.

  • For a project to sync in HammerTech, it should be an open project in the CMiC portal.

  • The address is mandatory for all projects to sync within HammerTech.

  • A user account with company-level admin permissions in both HammerTech and CMiC.

  • For a project to sync in HammerTech, it should be an open project in CMiC.

  • Employers should be active.

  • For a project to sync in HammerTech, it should be an open project in the CMiC portal.

The following access is required for each module:

  • Read access is required for Projects, Business Partner, Business Partners on Projects.

  • Read and Write Access is required for Daily Journal (Hours Synced)

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