Change Management

Integration Summary

Capture & Close Change Order Risk. Effortlessly.

Clearstory’s powerful integration with CMiC allows project stakeholders to quickly align on out-of-contract work with streamlined workflows to eliminate data entry when creating Potential Change Items (PCIs) in CMiC. The integration creates a seamless way to instantly push Clearstory Change Order Requests, Lump Sum Totals, and COR numbers, titles, and labor and equipment details to CMiC. Collaborate and align on status in real-time and instantly create a PCI or push to an existing PCI without leaving Clearstory.

  • Purpose-built by former contractors for both GCs and Specialty Contractors to quickly align on, track, and resolve out-of-contract work costs.

  • Every COR you sent or received is automatically logged into Clearstory’s cloud based, shareable COR log.

  • Select one or multiple CORs and push the lump sum or detailed breakdown to a CMiC Potential Change Items (PCI) to eliminate time consuming, error-prone data entry.

  • Capture field-directed extra work via digital T&M Tags with photo documentation and one-click electronic signatures.

Clearstory CMiC Dataflow General Contractors

Clearstory CMiC Dataflow Sub Contractors

High-Level Field Mapping

License Requirements

To push CORs from Clearstory, the integration must first be configured by a user having either an account owner role or an admin role for your office.

You will need the following information regarding your CMiC system:

  • Check with CMiC via their salesloft ticket process to confirm you have the proper APIs to support this integration.

  • Locate the URL you use to access your CMiC APIs. Example: https://${}/${hostdomain}/cm-rest-api/rest/1/cmdetail

  • The integration between Clearstory and CMiC requires a CMiC service account. Locate the Client ID (if used), username, and password used to authenticate the service account.

  • Contact the Clearstory team at We will need to install the above URL in your Clearstory account so the two systems can be connected.

For detailed step-by-step instructions and more information, visit the Clearstory CMiC Integration Knowledge Base.

Contact Info

  • Support Email - Dedicated email address for support requests.

  • Support Website URL - URL for the support website link for your App.

The support website must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Detailed summary of how it integrates with CMiC.

  • Clear instructions on how to implement the integration.

  • FAQ section or, at the very least, instructions that cover the features mentioned in the bullet points.