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Meet Majdi
Director of Engineering, Project Management

Father. Pool shark. Expert in persuasion.

Majdi is someone who exercises his body as much as he exercises his mind as the product development manager at CMiC. In preparation for this interview, I asked other employees what they would like to know about Majdi. Everyone replied, “his workout routine”—so here it is, along with other reasons why he’s a great developer and key member of the CMiC team.

When did you join CMiC and why?

I joined CMiC in June of 2007. I was working at Accenture at the time and was looking for a change of pace. I already lived in the York area because I attended York University. I saw the job posting for CMiC and thought the role was interesting (and being close to home would be a bonus). I applied and got the job.

What is your role at CMiC?

I am the Director of Engineering, Project Management. My daily responsibilities include assigning tasks, directing members of the team in terms of how to accomplish their tasks, and providing support to solve technical problems. I also spend a lot of time researching what’s new and how to improve what we do to.

Where is the best lunch spot?

Thai Bamboo on Steeles and Keele. They have a pickled pork dish with coconut fried rice and fried peanuts (Nam Khao). I order it all the time.

What do you listen to on your morning commute?

If I take the bus, I listen to Spotify. Drake is apparently my top artist this decade. Otherwise, I listen to a wide mix of genres: soca, jazz, reggae, dance hall, classical, EDM, and progressive house.

I have a pretty short commute compared to most employees. If I drive, it takes 7 minutes; walking is 35 minutes; and the bus is 30-40 minutes (including the average wait).

What are your favourite aspects of mobile development versus web?

I don’t necessarily have a preference of one over, but I would say that mobile is more challenging because of the different devices involved, which means different architecture and platforms. This can be frustrating, especially when working with Apple because their products are technically closed and must be in their ecosystem to function. It’s more of a challenge, but I wouldn’t say I prefer it over web. There are always different restrictions, but at its core, the process is the same.

But what I can comment on is what I enjoy most about development. I get intrigued when I have a problem to solve. This isn’t limited to only development, but I also apply this to renovation projects at home. The commonality between the two is the challenge of figuring out how to do something and determining the steps to accomplish it. It gets my brain ticking.

What do you put in your protein shake?

I don’t drink protein shakes—actually, I’ve never taken any workout supplements in my life. My mom is a dietician and her advice to me was to fuel my body through food. I studied kinesiology at York after computer science but stopped after two years. Even though I didn’t finish that degree, I still gained a good understanding of health and physiology. Unless you’re a professional athlete, you’re more than fine with the nutrients you’re getting through what you eat (as long as it’s a balanced meal).

Remember, there are no unhealthy foods, only unhealthy diets. Fun fact: you need carbs after a workout, not protein. Protein takes a couple hours to digest, when what you need is quick energy after a workout.

Go-to CMiC office snack?

I bring my own bag of fruit with me every day. For a lot of people who sit around me, they mention my area smells like citrus in the winter. I like clementines, oranges and mandarins when they’re in season. In the summer, I bring grapes, berries, and bunch of tropical fruits. I like rambutans and jackfruit too.

What is your favourite part of the day?

Going to the gym after work. I go to Lifetime Athletic on Hwy 7 and Weston Rd.

What are your favourite mobile apps?

*Swipes through phone* Spotify, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, NBA Live Mobile. Realtor (I like to see what houses are available).

Best basketball team?

The Raptors, come on.

What is your exercise routine?

Right now it’s not as regimented as it used to be. When I was training for basketball, it was very regimented because I was training specific muscle groups, etc… Now it’s a mix of everything. My typical workout includes a 30-minute warmup, working out—whether it’s weights, swimming or any activity for at least an hour—followed by stretching for half an hour. In total, I’m usually at the gym for 2 hours.