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Our goal is to streamline the dataflow and CMiC dashboard it a tool to help implement this process. Each project supervisor has access to key pieces of information which allows them to manage by exception. It makes us more efficient.

- Pam Dotson – PARIC

“The drag/drop functionally with emails is extremely useful! With the number of e-mails and attachments that come in, it can take a lot of management, CMiC has saved us a lot of time.”

- Cheri Duchrow – Miron

“Switching to CMiC was the right decision.  CMiC’s technology stack and underlying structure allows us to get at data faster and mine the data in ways we were never able to do before.”

- Timothy Gerken – The Walsh Group

“Before beginning to partner with CMiC, operations were highly fractured and siloed, with significant variation between individual offices and job sites. I think CMiC has driven greater focus in the company, much of it through executive process change. People did not really have an option – or they do not any longer – to use some of the systems they did in the past. CMiC has brought everything, ideally, under just one umbrella, forced a lot of good discussion within the company, and facilitated a hastened change toward centralization across regions and offices at Pankow.”

- John Bassetti – Charles Pankow Builders, Inc.

CMiC’s software has put Govan Brown at a distinct advantage. CMiC is a differentiator for us, it has put us three to four years ahead of the competition

- John Brown – Govan Brown + Associates

PARIC Corporation, founded in 1979 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the largest privately held companies in the Midwest. PARIC prides its self on being the St. Louis general contractor, construction manager and design-build firm.

With our previous software we used considerable time trying to communicate data across the organization. At Paric, we view technology and an enabler, not a driver. CMiC has been very instrumental in streamlining Paric’s Construction Management process by allowing all necessary logs and reports, such as Submittals, RFI’s and Change Orders to be maintained by one software package. It has reduced Field Management time by approximately 25%. CMiC precision and accuracy has reduced the possibly of human error.

We looked at our own processes and asked ourselves what system will grow with us? CMiC was the only one that met all of our needs.

- Brian Paluch, CFO – PARIC Corporation

“So now with this commitment to have CMiC be the foundation and have it be integrated with other peripheral applications, the sky is the limit a little bit, because now it’s just a matter of how do we leverage the data and the infrastructure that CMiC offers and provide leading, cutting-edge, best-in-breed hybrid solutions. That just depends on which area we want to focus on next. Whether it’s mobility or visualization, 3D visualization through integration with VM tools, we just want to be able to present all of the data we have from CMiC through those multiple interfaces.”

- John Jacobs – J.E. Dunn Construction Group

Before CMiC – Accounting & project management were handled via a series of different systems that were independent of each other. It was very clumsy and not integral at all. Budget tracking was loose and reporting was poor.

Now our costs are tracked with great detail, executive level management has detailed reporting at their fingertips 24/7 & we now have a solid commercial foundation that we can depend on for future growth indefinitely.

- Sara Ann – Metro Green Construction

“We’d have all these jobs going along and going along and then all of sudden the profit would fade and no one would really know why without some in-depth analysis. But, with these tools that CMiC offers us, it’s so much easier. We can spot trends ahead of time, and take standard action or corrective action on them. Again, we’re labor intensive and self-perform so we track the productivity – unit productivity – weekly, we have special reports that do that for us. So it’s really helped us.”

- Robert Morgan – Boh Bros

How does Boh Bros optimize collaboration and maximize transparency?

With CMiC at the core for financials and project management.

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How did Austin Industries drive enterprise wide efficiency?

With modernized IT capabilities from CMiC.

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Why was a flexible data management system integral to J.E. Dunn's success?

Because it delivers a single source of truth.


How does Pankow deliver consistently across multiple offices and jobsites?

By standardizing and sharing best practices though CMiC.

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How does Moss & Associates grow its business without compromising quality or efficiency?

With a scalable web based set-up open to key player in all departments.

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How do Govan Brown plan to double their business again?

By continuing to leverage CMiC software in every way.


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