Relying solely on written documentation to communicate project status can lead to miscommunication between the field and the office, can create costly rework, and several safety issues. That is where robust data visualization tools such as CMiC and EarthCam’s integrated capabilities play a huge role in empowering leaders to make informed decisions with visual information and AI-Powered data.

Webinar | Overview and Highlights

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  1. Deliver high-quality, live-streaming, continuous AI data analytics and panoramic imagery to CMiC
  2. Utilize Request for Information (RFI) with marked-up EarthCam snapshots
  3. Manage submittals with images allowing for clear and easy review by stakeholders
  4. Add EarthCam jobsite photos in Document Management for easy reference or dispute resolution


Oliver Ritchie, Vice President, Technology & Innovation – CMiC
Lisa Kelly, Vice President of New Business – EarthCam