Spreadsheets may have been good enough in the past to keep track of your sales funnel. But with increased complexity, competition and sales velocity, you need a modern opportunity management tool that goes well beyond merely managing your contacts and accounts.

CMiC Opportunity Management (OM) for Mobile is the intuitive, portable and handy app you need to organize everything in one place. Our new app will help you understand the health of your sales and revenue forecasts at a glance, ensuring that you have the best shot at securing and setting up new projects for success.

Candice Francis, Product Manager at CMiC, led the discussion, which covered how you can:

  1. Access every detail of your contacts, accounts, leads and opportunities from your mobile device
  2. Be always in the loop while on the move
  3. Enable sales teams to have more productive interactions with customers and prospects
  4. Manage action items and data more efficiently