For communication across their construction projects, Knutson was relying on 6–8 different systems at any given time. The company was aware of the inefficiencies of having so many systems, mainly, the redundancy of having to enter data multiple times. They wanted to find a way to integrate all of their different operations into a single source of truth. They turned to CMiC for a solution that would provide a place to enter information just once and have it carry over to the different facets of their organization.

Knutson put a great deal of consideration into their process of finding the best system for their company. Over the course of 7 months, they formed a cross-functional team of people to weigh in and attend demonstrations for a variety of solutions. Ultimately, they found CMiC’s platform to be the most fully-integrated solution.

CMiC’s construction platform gave Knutson a centralized information hub to communicate efficiently across owners, architects and subcontractors. Eliminating the need for repetitive data entry means that they can keep projects running smoothly, all while organizing information in one place. Therefore, they expect to see a lot of value for the project management side of their operations, with better monitoring and communication capabilities.

“We were looking for a solution that was out-of-the-box for the construction industry… When we finally made the decision to go with CMiC, everybody involved in the process was really excited.”

– Paul Essler, CFO, Knutson Construction