As a company that pursues technically-challenging construction projects, DPR needed to introduce new technologies to help them continue to grow and meet demand. Over the years, the construction industry has become increasingly competitive, as have clients’ demands. Therefore, efficiency is critical. Fortunately, DPR found a centralized, enterprise-class and fully web-based resource in CMiC’s construction platform.

With CMiC’s platform, DPR gets a single source of truth across all their departments. The technology is making construction more efficient by enabling their teams to track all their projects and easily access information in one place. One of DPR’s key considerations when choosing CMiC was the ability to access the solution even when working offline, as not all construction sites have access to data connection.

Another advantage of the platform is that DPR’s data is made available in real-time. This means teams operating in-office and on-site receive information simultaneously. CMiC’s real-time capabilities equip all DPR employees to make better decisions for successful project outcomes.

“The construction industry is getting a lot more competitive. The only way to combat that is to introduce new technologies to make construction more efficient and to make people more efficient.”

– DPR Construction