CMiC Layton Construction seamlessly extends data availability to the job site.

The Challenge

In 2004, Moss & Associates was relatively new to the industry, with less than 10 employees. Today, this billion-dollar company has 600 employees across Florida, Texas, California and Hawaii. This breakthrough growth created the need for Moss to scale rapidly: they needed a more efficient system that could scale along with them. Before CMiC, Moss used two separate systems for operations and accounting—information had to be re-keyed, wasting time and money. The firm reached out to several vendors to look for an all-in-one solution for their growing enterprise. Some options were overly complex. Others still bridged together separate platforms. Moss was looking for total unification of capabilities into a system that could adapt as they grew. They wanted an easy-to-use web-based software platform that could save time. The firm soon met with two CMiC representatives who, according to Moss & Associates’ Sasha Seco, “showed confidence without the bells and whistles.”

They “relied on their product, not the glitz surrounding it”. In the end, it was their product that won over Moss. They wanted to solve both present and future problems with one reliable source of truth.

Learn why Layton Construction chose CMiC to seamlessly extend data availability to the job site.
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The Solution

Before Mobile, we had to go back to the trailer to find the answer to an RFI, or even to begin asking an RFI related question. Now, superintendents out in the field can discuss an issue right then and there by pulling it up right on their mobile device. It’s a huge time saver and the easiest way to access information.” – Je Metcalf, Dir. Information Systems, Layton Construction

CMiC arrived just in time to overhaul Moss & Associates’ data infrastructure. Employees and executives could rely on a single database platform for all their decision-making. CMiC standardized financial and operational procedures, saving time at every corner. Moss worked in tandem with CMiC to continue optimizing efficiency by integrating more departments with their unified database. After deploying the solution, Moss was most impressed with the simplified real-time updates that kept everyone in the loop at all times—from executive teams to contractors in the field.

Just as the team at Moss expected from a next generation solution, CMiC has evolved along with their customer to tackle new challenges with industry-leading technology. CMiC’s single database platform became the foundation for project completion, billing, payroll, HR, customer relations and subcontractor procedures across the enterprise. Today, the firm is looking to integrate with CMiC Mobile has adopted CMiC’s embedded Business Intelligence capabilities to continue enhancing decision-making and usability.

The Result

With years of successful partnership under their belt, Moss & Associates and CMiC are still building their long-term partnership. Over the years, streamlined communication has allowed Moss to rapidly scale their business without sacrificing quality or efficiency. With the ongoing partnership, executives from Moss are confident that their best days are still ahead of them. Moss continues to realize several benefits from CMiC’s single enterprise platform:

  • Scalable web-based set up that facilitates collaboration across departments.
  • Standardized, construction-specific procedures to improve workflows and accountability, while decreasing risk.
  • Streamlined management of financials for employees and contractors, including licensing and other relevant information.
  • Empowered executives making decisions with confidence based on a single, reliable source of truth.

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