Established in 2006 by Thomas Iovino, Iovino Enterprises, LLC, is a leader in civil, electrical, mechanical, track, remediation, and demolition infrastructure. Over the years, Iovino has secured and retained its leadership position within the construction services space. In 2019, they were recognized as the 4th largest contractor in the New York transportation sector as well as the 23rd New York-based top contracting firm by ENR, a leading construction-focused media group.

The Challenge: Non-Integrated Systems, Lack of Real-Time Data and Weak Forecasting Capabilities

To find a solution to their operational challenges they faced in recent years, decision makers at Iovino put together a list, which included:

  • Non-Integrated Systems
  • Limited Access to Real-Time Data and Weak Field Communications
  • Mismanagement of Cost Codes
  • Weak Forecasting Capabilities
  • Weak Invoice Tracking and Management Processes
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The Solution: CMiC’s All-In-One Construction ERP Selected to Support Iovino’s Pace of Growth

After a thorough assessment of leading construction ERP providers including Viewpoint and Procore, the Iovino leadership team made the decision to go with CMiC, a leading Next Generation construction ERP provider. On top of CMiC’s exhaustive suite of applications in both the Financials and Project Management categories, Iovino would stand to gain:

  • Industry-leading technology with an open API interface
  • Best-in-class user experience and user interface
  • Software development based on a single code set and built in-house
  • A deep feature set with seamless movement of data between applications

From a customer servicing perspective, CMiC provided them access to:

  • In-house implementation, support, development, product, account management and customer success teams
  • A host of integration partners (which do not require middleware)

As for software deployment options, they were able to choose from CMiC’s on-prem, SaaS or PaaS offerings.

Finally, the fact that 1 in 5 general contractors selected CMiC as their construction ERP of choice reinforced that selecting CMiC would mean that they would be going with a trusted solutions provider.

Download the Iovino Enterprises Case Study