When Wasatch Group launched their new division — Wasatch Taylormade Builders — they adopted the same basic tool the industry has been using for decades — spreadsheets. Using a combination of Microsoft Office programs and experimenting with several different field solutions, the Wasatch team was looking to replace their “archaic” processes with a solution that would enhance productivity and scale with their growing business. They tested Buildertrend, a project management software package for residential home builders, but found it did not suit their needs as a full-service general contractor. To manage project documents, Wasatch used PlanGrid, but they needed a solution that could manage more than building plans and ASIs.

Ultimately, what the Wasatch team lacked was an intelligent, fully integrated platform — purpose-built for construction — to run their entire business, from the back office to the field.

Download the case study to learn why — in the final analysis — only CMiC fulfilled Wasatch’s requirements.