Idaho-based Bateman-Hall is a multi-state general contractor with deep roots in the Eastern Idaho community. The company is well-known in the commercial, retail, office, education and auto markets across 14 western states. The firm believes that teamwork combined with enabling tools, technologies and processes delivers quality results.

Not long ago, the firm came to a technology cross-roads when its construction management and accounting solution wasn’t keeping up with needs. Randy Stanger, Controller with Bateman-Hall, Inc. recalls the challenges that began to emerge. “We’d been with another construction software for 20+ years—and they were great until about five years ago, when we saw a huge decline in customer service. It became impossible to get resolution to certain issues.”

As well, Stanger was looking to take advantage of some advances in construction software, namely, cloud connectivity and mobility, that weren’t available at the time from their legacy provider. Stanger undertook a comprehensive review of construction management software on the market. Read the case study to learn what factors led to Bateman-Hall choosing CMiC as a long term technology partner.