Organizing an entire construction industry organization – on both the project and enterprise levels – is challenging yet essential. Improving the transparency and accessibility of your company’s information and achieving the resulting improvements in projections, assignments and more can drive productivity and efficiency up, strengthening your bottom line.

One software platform upgrade can yield these benefits, with CMiC’s Enterprise Planning module delivering performance that disconnected legacy tech stacks cannot offer. By using this solution, designed from the ground up to suit construction industry needs, your company can improve quickly at allocating both “soft” and “hard” resources.

What Is Enterprise Planning Software?

Enterprise planning software allows you to direct your resources in an intelligent manner, using a top-down view and analytics dashboards to account for every item and individual in the company’s database. Choosing enterprise planning software designed from the ground up for the construction industry is a way to align these capabilities with your workflows.

As a construction company, your business has needs that go beyond the average organization. The project-based nature of your work, as well as the legal compliance needs that come with running safe job sites, create unique scenarios in departments such as finance and accounting. When you select a web-based enterprise planning tool built for construction, there is no need to modify the software or work around its shortcomings.

What Are the Key Components of Enterprise Planning Software?

Choosing the right software solution for your needs frees up time and money through improved forecasting and the ability to react to projections. The following are the key features of CMiC Enterprise Planning, a powerful component of the CMiC platform that offers multiple views of your resources and activities, from a top-down enterprise view, a project-level view and a zoomed-in sub-activity view. These modules, built from the ground up for construction industry use, provide the answers your organization is looking for.

  • Resource Planning
  • Opportunity Management
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Scheduling

Why Should Construction Planning Software Integrate with Other Modules?

Construction planning software is at its best when it is part of an overarching enterprise resource planning platform, with every relevant component integrated and working from the same source of data truth. This is the power of CMiC’s web-based solutions purpose-built for the construction industry, with systems such as Asset Management, Resource Management and Financials & Accounting automatically updating one another.

Manual data entry into many systems – or static spreadsheets – is a labor-intensive process that wastes employee time better spent on more valuable work. Furthermore, relying on individual instances of data entry increases the risk that discrepancies will appear between systems due to human error. When decisions are being made based on outdated or potentially flawed figures, it’s difficult to make an effective short- or long-term plan for your organization’s resources.

Knowing the status of every human resource, equipment asset and job site across your company is the key to creating actionable and intelligent plans for optimal application of the business’s capabilities. The resulting increases in efficiency can help you gain an advantage compared to less responsive and data-driven competitors. Every one of the modules in use across departments has been designed to be effective in project-driven construction-industry scenarios.

Why Work with CMiC for Construction Planning Software?

Changing your company’s software platform is a major decision, and you shouldn’t have to replace the new system any time soon. You need a set of solutions that will grow along with your firm as you expand across regional borders and add the ability to take on more projects simultaneously. The CMiC platform works in this way, keeping your centralized data secure yet accessible, even as the archive of previous projects grows and the projections for future opportunities become more numerous and complex.

Construction workflows are unique, and your employees deserve technologies that will help them complete their day-to-day roles efficiently and effectively, even as the organization grows and changes around them. A CMiC deployment can give them such an experience, with the added efficiency and accuracy provided by the platform simultaneously helping you boost profits and scale the business up.

Visit our Resource Center to see how the planning software and related capabilities that come with the CMiC platform have transformed other construction firms, and to learn how this can work for your business.