The success of any project comes down to two integrated components: planning and execution. Without a solid plan, team members won’t be able to execute the project without wasting precious time and resources. This is why CMiC has developed high-tech construction planning software: to give our clients the tools for superior planning and allow them to optimize onsite efficiency. Here are 3 benefits you can expect with CMiC Enterprise Planning:

1. Tangible Forecasting

Strong decision-making requires accurate, relevant information. With CMiC Enterprise Planning, contractors can generate standard reports from the field to make ongoing project data available in real-time. Internal teams, stakeholders and executives gain hard project data of past and ongoing projects. This highly efficient, panoramic view eliminates ambiguity for key decision-makers.

2. Flexible Perspectives

CMiC Enterprise Planning offers a variety of data scopes to ensure that decision-makers can assess progress from multiple viewpoints. Business leaders can switch between day-to-day and long-term planning views to get a full picture of how projects are progressing. CMiC Enterprise Planning also offers advanced, “what if” financial modeling so that executives stay ahead of the curve.

3. Marketing Integration

With CMiC Enterprise Planning, departments across the enterprise gain access to a streamlined set of data, including past projects and accurate forecasts. Resources accessed using the integrated Opportunity Management platform help to connect departments and provide essential information for improving business performance. The marketing team, for example, can use this knowledge to impress potential clients, make long-term connections, optimize sales performance and identify opportunities for growth.

Don’t leave crucial operations to chance. Plan for the future with CMiC Enterprise Planning.