Mobility on the Modern Jobsite

What industry depends on mobility more than the construction industry? The modern job site relies heavily on coordination between project actors on and off-site as well as open communication between clients and subcontractors. Real-time collaboration across teams opens the door to consistent positive results through superior foresight and access to information.

How to Go Mobile

But what is the best way to “go mobile”? Is email communication enough? Email and other simple mobile solutions may be enough for quick communications, but they fall short when it comes to true collaboration and productivity. An advanced solution with built-in apps for construction and unified access to overarching financial and project data empowers mobile productivity without sacrificing functionality

Mobile-to-Desktop Functionality

The ideal mobile solution seamlessly connects on-site contractors with in-office teams, without either side losing sight of project goals. That means mobile users need all the functionality of a desktop platform. On-site employees should have the power to receive orders, request approvals and report ongoing project data from the job site.

Offline Capability

Some mobile platforms can only be used while connected to the internet, but CMiC Mobile and other advanced solutions offer full offline capability. Employees can store images, edit files and create reports while offline. Any changes are synchronized with back-end systems as soon as there’s an internet connection. No more relying on finicky job-site wi-fi connections. Eliminate the risk of lost work and slow productivity.

CMiC is built to eliminate redundancies by unifying data across teams—whether users are on desktop or mobile. This streamlined setup makes for fast deployment and immediate results. Contact us for more information on indispensable tools like real-time mobile analytics and on-site activity logs to keep project stakeholders in the loop.