Cloud Deployment

Managing your enterprise solutions just got a whole lot easier.
Welcome to CMiC cloud, the first ever construction specific, fully
integrated solution to be made available through cloud deployment.


Private Cloud Deployment

The future truly is, private cloud. Enjoy the same tailored
enhancements and upgrades of an on-premise system
with the dependability and comfort of the cloud.


On-Premise Deployment

Take full control of your enterprise with our on-premise solution.
We install and operate from your in-house server and computing
infrastructure. No hosting fees and your own security settings
mean you have greater control of your ERP solution.

We have a deployment option for every business need!

CMiC offers a number of deployment solutions in order to provide the best solution for your enterprise. We offer On Premise or Cloud solutions to deploy our software.  To help you make the right decision, we’ve provided some of the benefits and challenges of each deployment method for you to consider.


  • Lower cost of entry
  • Annual subscription – predictable costs
  • Integration and Scalability

Cloud based deployments involve services or systems (SaaS) that are made accessible by a service provider through the internet instead of being located in your organization. At CMiC we offer two type of cloud deployments: Public and Private Cloud options. With either cloud option, you will secure the same complete integrated software package from CMiC as the On Premise deployment.

A public cloud deployment is also known as a multi-tenant cloud. This method involves a number of companies that share a cloud-based environment and access the same CMiC software application. Each business has access only to its own private data and system.

Benefits to a Public Cloud:  In addition to having less reliance on IT staff and less management of your enterprise systems, the main benefit to this deployment method is that it is useful for companies that want a more cost-effective program.

Private Cloud

  • Private system is used to house your data
  • Greater control over the server
  • Increased Security

In a private cloud environment, also referred to as single-tenant, your company uses the cloud application independently, everything is fully isolated. This method offers the opportunity to have some customization and a tailored solution with enhancements and upgrades.

This is a great solution for companies that have a lot of virtual workers or big workload variations. With a private cloud approach, you don’t have to manage the application as CMiC does that for you. This is a full ERP install with your own dedicated Database and Application Server VMs. The private cloud approach is scalable depending on your business requirements.


  • Own the software and hardware
  • Corporate data is stored internally
  • Dedicated IT for maintenance and support

Before cloud adoption became available, an on-premises server – at your company location – was the only choice available to store your applications, share files and run your email service.  This works well and is preferred by some companies because: you own the software and hardware; you have more control; you don’t have to pay hosting fees and you can upgrade without relying on a cloud service for security or other IT support.

Considerations to an On Premise deployment: Running an in-house server may be more expensive. You will also need to invest to buy equipment and software upfront. Additional considerations include having IT expertise and support within your company and the expense of hardware upgrades and renewing software licenses.