FIELD R12: Your Hub for Project Management & Collaboration

Connecting the various parts of a construction project – from initial planning stages and essential project document creation through day-to-day communications on the job site and beyond – is a complex but essential part of operating as a contractor today.

With subcontractors, architects, clients and numerous internal teams all contributing to a project at various phase of the project and information accumulating over the course of the job, the resulting communications may be too numerous and diverse to be easily tracked through outdated legacy technology. 


Construction companies need quick and easy access to…

Requests for Information (RFIs)

  • Manage your project RFIs on a single platform
  • If an RFI results in a project scope change, you can create a change order with one click

Drawings and Specifications

  • Upload your construction drawings to your project
  • Automatically extract key meta data from the PDFs and insert hyperlinks for easy navigation
  • Link annotations on the drawing sheet to key project records like RFIs, punch list items or shop drawings


  • Manage all your submittals and collaborate easily with external users
  • Collaborate on submittal documents by annotating them right in the browser or mobile device
  • Drive your submittal approval due dates from your projects schedule

Meeting Minutes

  • Track your teams’ progress and easily document key decisions
  • Share your meeting minutes with the team instantly
  • Quickly gather all the required budget and schedule related reports and attach them to the meeting request

Documents and Progress Photos

  • Manage all your project documents and progress photos in one place
  • Share your documents with external team members
  • View all your documents and photos on the web – from any device

Daily Journals and Checklists

  • Track key data points, such as manpower and safety details, in your daily journals
  • Create custom checklists to handle areas, such as safety and QA/QC, and complete them from any device – even offline
  • Hold your team accountable by assigning them action items on the fly – right from the checklist

Punch Lists

  • Quickly pin punch items to your drawing sheets via the CMiC Mobile App
  • Your project team can quickly view and report on all your punch list items and assign them to the appropriate contractor to get resolved
  • Contractors can even login to your project and view their assigned items there. Since, oftentimes, these items need to be corrected are marked on the drawing, CMiC makes it very easy for the contractor to find them while on the jobsite.
  • Save time by assigning a reviewer template to many punch items at a time. This will automatically assign an action item your team members to review and close out completed punch items.


  • Manage all your commitments and contract related documents in one place
  • CMiC tracks all of your contract compliance requirements automatically and will notify your vendors when they need to update their compliance documents, such as insurance certificates
  • CMiC offers integrations with leading signing authorities, such as DocuSign, to make managing contracts a breeze

Change Orders

  • Prevent fee-erosion by tracking potential change orders as soon as the event is discussed
  • You can easily mange all your approved and pending change orders in one place to accurately forecast your expected cost and revenue
  • Link relevant construction documents, such as RFIs and drawings, to create a complete picture for the user reviewing the change order

Reporting and Analytics

  • Data is the new currency. Using CMiC’s built in analytics tool, your teams can visualize just about any data point or trend right in the system.
  • Create powerful dashboards for your executive teas so they are always up to speed on your company’s projects and can make better – and faster – decisions.

Implementing a modern collaboration and project management tool such as CMiC is a way to gain immediate access to all relevant information from every job site. Employees working from any location and device, from office PCs to mobile devices on the site, can view and edit files, and users can even perform work in offline mode when they aren’t in an area with data access.

The system’s integration with other software tools – and ability to interact with email communications – makes it easy for employees to work within the new solution’s parameters. The advantages of making the switch now are too great to ignore, as are the issues that may arise from continued excessive use of legacy software.

CMiC is your tool for successful construction project management.

Still using project management tools from the 90’s? It’s time to optimize your project delivery and profitability.

Watch this motion graphic video to learn the 5 factors of a successful construction field solution and how to maximize the output & value of your next project.


Why Does Your Company Need Construction Project Management Collaboration Software?

The construction industry is home to too many organizations still relying on outdated approaches to project management. These companies depend on offline Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and excessive emails to track the details of their projects, losing out on the information visibility and access that come with purpose-built, web-based tools.

The addition of management software creates a logical flow of information within each project. Communications between general contractors and all other project actors are now easy to locate, and all data is entered in a centralized fashion to reduce wasteful and redundant data entry processes, as well as the potential for human error regarding information accuracy.

Delays are costly in the time-sensitive construction industry. By making essential documents visible and uniting all communications into a single digital location, project management software prevents or minimizes these expensive delays.

One of the most compelling reasons to adopt a purpose-built project management platform is that this software creates scalable and adaptable workflows. While legacy methods based around spreadsheets and email will only become more snarled and confusing as the scale of a company’s operations increases, a project management system offers value for even large organizations with numerous active job sites.

What Are the Essential Components of Construction Project Management Collaboration Software?

Selecting the right construction management project software for a company’s needs means shopping for individual features that make particular tools stand out. Since the construction industry brings unique organizational relationships and communication requirements, many firms in the sector – from general contractors, specialty contractors and subcontractors alike – will get the best results from choosing a product such as CMiC, purpose-built with construction in mind.

From document sharing features targeting architectural drawings and diagrams to mobile-friendly site management tools and beyond, there are numerous traits of project management software that can deliver true quality-of-life improvements at every stage of the construction project. The following are the capabilities delivered by CMiC, along with the benefits these advantages give to construction firms. Realizing these many improvements can transform an organization’s workflows for the better.

Drawing & Document Management

The design execution process of a construction project comes with its own demands and procedures, and the CMiC Drawing & Document Management system is designed to give users more control during this step. Plans, drawings, documents and communications are easily accessible through this solution, which gets the design and approval processes completed simply and effectively. Stored information can include CAD files, photos and Microsoft Office documents. Furthermore, it is easier to close out a project and begin the next due to all documents remaining accessible in the system with revisions visible. The following are a few of the capabilities a company can exercise with this module:

Maintain all versions of revised documents. When files receive changes and updates, those versions are all visible, so personnel can track the decision-making process and evolution of the project, with no ambiguity about which version is the latest.Optimize project initiation. The beginning stages of a project can go more smoothly when every necessary document is clearly visible in the same system for all stakeholders to inspect, comment on and approve or revise.
Create potential change items and add mark-ups. When potential changes need to be reviewed by additional personnel, it's simple to make those suggestions in-document.Detect project anomalies early and course correct fast. Companies that have access to all essential documents early can use that information to find potential problems, implementing changes quickly and at a stage where they'll have a minimal impact on project cost and timeframe.
Attach documents to bid packages. Bid management becomes easier when team members can easily create multimedia bid packages with detailed plans and other documents.Speed up project closeout documents. When essential documents on a project have been kept and updated since its earliest stages, closing out that operation and moving on to the next becomes simple.

Collaboration Management

Collaboration management features encompass every stage of a construction project, from organizing vendor bid management to receiving proactive, automatically generated alerts whenever a task becomes active. All of a project’s communications can be made easily visible, including an unlimited amount of minutes from meetings. The following are some of the collaboration capabilities of CMiC:

Record and monitor all project communications to ensure nothing gets lost. Whether responding to a regulatory request or confirming essential facts and figures, having a central communications repository saves time and increases productivity.Communicate with all project actors in real time. Minimizing error and keeping everyone on track can depend on real-time communication capabilities, delivered through a centralized project management platform.
Receive proactive alerts when items become actionable. With less need for manual communication, multistage processes can continue smoothly and easily between departments and personnel.Manage all communications with vendors. Creating a one-stop system to communicate with vendors gives leaders a single efficient way to get their questions answered.
Take advantage of perpetual inventory management. Information on every piece of inventory, across locations and updated in real time, allows stakeholders to know what materials are available, with no confusion.Control the flow of information across the full project lifecycle. The time between early planning stages and project completion can introduce uncertainty and misplaced information - unless the team has a solution to store everything for easy collaboration.
Store vendor, customer and internal contact information by project. Uncertainty about who to contact for a particular need, or the best way to reach that person, wastes time. Management software can be a one-stop repository for contacts.Eliminate the need for multiple data entry. When personnel have to input the same data into multiple offline documents, they are wasting valuable time and introducing increased risk of human error.

Site Management

Organizing an ongoing construction project means creating a balance between what is going on in the office and the work ongoing on the job site. By using construction project management collaboration software accessible in both environments, firms connect their teams with one another, cutting down on data duplication and ensuring everyone has an up-to-date understanding of the project’s status. The following are a few impactful features of CMiC Site Management, the project management app employed by personnel on the site:

Track all day-to-day activities on the job site. Whenever there is a question about the progress of a project, personnel know immediately where to look for the answer. This cuts down on time-consuming communication and adds clarity.Identify, diagnose and rectify problems quickly. Issues that may be hard to detect without a centralized communications and information storage platform can quickly become obvious when personnel on-site are generating real-time updates.
Generate productivity reports. The system can use data entered to create valuable updates on site productivity. Leaders can immediately know whether work is proceeding on schedule and make informed adjustments.Provide an up-to-date snapshot of the status of every project. Companies dealing with multiple projects and active work sites can monitor each of these activities through real-time updates, noticing at a glance when one goes ahead of or falls behind schedule.
Enter daily journals into the system. Information from every day of a project can be stored within the project management system for easy access whenever it is needed.Store and track all site information in a single database. By storing data in a universally accessible system, site personnel remove confusion and time-consuming data searches. There is never any ambiguity about where to locate a figure.
Manage punch lists/to-do lists. Personnel nearing the end of a project can access their punch lists of to-do items and enter updates when a particular item is completed, therefore keeping all stakeholders aware of the tasks' status.Eliminate redundant data entry. Personnel on the job site can get time back in their days - and avoid the risk of making data entry mistakes - when they don't have to input figures into multiple systems.

Communications Management

The sheer volume of communications associated with a construction project – numerous stakeholders from many organizations all needing to get time-sensitive messages heard – can be daunting to consider. Tracking all these communications through a centralized database platform with CMiC Communications Management allows personnel to seamlessly distribute information to the necessary parties and keep even the most complex projects on track. The advantages of using the platform include the ability to:

Track and manage all project communications. Whichever party information is coming from and whoever needs to receive it, the message is organized via the same central database.Improve communication between all project stakeholders. Without a centralized communications database, different teams and stakeholders may have trouble getting timely messages through to other groups with different favored mediums and priorities. A centralized communications management platform evens the playing field.
Store meeting minutes and make them available, even offline. When a team member needs to refer back to a decision made in a previous meeting, the information is easily accessible, without the need to waste time on inquiries or long searches.Provide the most up-to-date project information to stakeholders. One knock-on effect of having comprehensive and real-time records of communications is that personnel never have to resort to out-of-date information or wonder whether they're seeing the latest updates. They can feel secure that they are in the loop.
Save all email exchanges in a secure, central database. Email is a ubiquitous and therefore essential communication method, but all the messages passing back and forth between stakeholders could result in information being lost. Keeping all those communications in one repository negates that risk.Lower risk by storing a copy of all communications in a single place. When an important stakeholder wants to review a communication or a regulatory body asks for information, companies that use a centralized communication management platform will be able to produce the records in question immediately, knowing exactly where to look.


Your business has the potential to grow faster and for longer—but your teams need to keep up. Invest in the software to help them do just that. The CMiC platform is purpose-built for the construction industry, ensuring that your users, and the unique workflows that they manage, are not just supported, but also enhanced by the right capabilities. Speak with an expert today to learn how CMiC can help you grow faster while boosting your profits.

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