For General Contractors, the most important duties involved are the management of budget, enterprise resource planning and financial planning, as these leaders are responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time and within the initially appraised financial range. This is why enterprise resource planning software has become such a mission-critical asset in the construction management and general contractor arenas.

CMiC specific GC solutions:

  • Job Initiation – track progression of project from opportunity through to closeout
  • Forecast to WIP –  leverage PM’s monthly forecast in Financials when doing monthly WIP adjustments as part of period end close
  • Change Management – track cost, billing and risk impact in the system
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Specialty Contractors need to have highly customized and aligned tools in place to get the job done and maximize their profit margins. Communication needs to be streamlined, consistent and optimal to keep such varied projects on track at all times, while all collaborative activities should be tracked and recorded to maintain transparency and control. Additionally, they are not free from the general requirements of construction project management, as they need to properly handle enterprise resource planning, asset management, workforce enablement and more in an efficient fashion.

CMiC specific Specialty solutions:

  • Productivity forecasting – forecast dollars and quantities needed to complete an output unit and track progress against an original estimate
  • Asset Management –  integration with inventory and purchase orders for material purchase
  • HCM for Time Tracking against Jobs – fully integrated with Job Cost and General Ledger
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Heavy/Highway contracting tends to involve even more moving parts with respect to enterprise resource planning than other areas of the construction sector, meaning that there is far more risk involved and keeping projects on track and on budget can be extremely challenging. Because state funds will be used for these major projects, Heavy/Highway contractors that do not have a tight handle on their financial forecasting, resource planning and other matters that relate to the timeliness and accuracy of completion will not be likely to excel in their marketplaces.

CMiC specific Heavy/Heavy solutions:

  • Equipment management – flexibility in equipment rates for costing and billing purposes
  • Billing – ability to track units in place versus units you are allowed to bill for
  • Forecasting – productivity forecasting for self-performed work
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Project owners, regardless of whether they function in the private or public sectors, need to stay on top of a highly fluid construction environment that tends to be a bit more sensitive than other areas of the sector. Private and public sector project owners need to keep costs under control, maintain high quality and ace the document management test with respect to all data involved in the projects being undertaken. Without the right, modernized solutions in place, this can be either extremely difficult or, in some instances, impossible.

CMiC specific Project Owner solutions:

  • Full cost management – from design to execution
  • Collaboration – allows owners to have a centralized software
  • Dashboards – visual overview of the: project status, project costs, project development (where they were when they started and where they are now)
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