Dinusha brings his best to the office each day and expects those around him to do the same, but that’s not hard to do when Dinusha is everyone’s biggest cheerleader. Always the first to recognize others for their achievements, CMiC employees can count on Dinusha for positivity, advice and a good laugh.

When did you join CMiC and why?

I joined CMiC in 2016 after finishing my degree at York University. I was looking for a job in technology and emerging markets, and I found CMiC was hiring. I liked the challenge of a new industry, since I have never worked in the construction space before. I enjoy new challenges and this opportunity sounded like the perfect fit for me.

What is your role at CMiC?

I am the Business Development Team Lead. I currently manage a team of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) who are the first faces prospects ‘meet’ at the company. We support the sales department by prospecting potential new customers. My day-to-day includes helping my team structure their day and coming up with creative ideas so they can book meetings with potential clients. Recently, I have been focusing on training the BDR team to use new technologies to successfully get that meeting.

What do you enjoy most about working with the BDR team?

Every day is a new challenge, and I truly enjoy working with my team. They adapt quickly—I can honestly say that they’re doing better than me when I first started as a BDR! Working with my team makes coming to work enjoyable and it’s because we all share the same energy and enthusiasm for what we do. We all have a singular goal in mind and that is to be as successful as we can be generating as many possible opportunities for our sales team.

Share with me your best CMiC memory.

It’s not a specific memory but a general experience: I’m always laughing and have a smile on my face at work. In the office, I sit in a central area, so you can say I hear all the ‘water cooler’ talk. Luckily, I’m surrounded by positive people and it makes me genuinely happy to be around them.

Where is the best lunch spot?

I make my own lunches most days, but I would probably go for sushi if I decided to go out. Aji Sushi is a great quick choice nearby or Sandra’s for homecooked Italian food. For a downright delicious burger, go to Fresh Burger.

What do you listen to on your morning commute?

A mix of hip-hop, house and techno. It gets me amped up and ready to start my day. I have a belief that the song I walk into the office with is the energy I bring for the rest of the day, so my morning ritual includes listening to a high tempo, high energy song. I also use my morning commute to read and listen to construction-related news to stay up to date on the changing landscape.

Go-to CMiC office snack?

I would say the almond milk in the fridge for my protein shakes. I also like to make myself peanut butter jelly sandwiches.

What is your favourite part of the day?

When we book a meeting! It fires me up. You could say that we chase that feeling, and I love amping up the team when we do it.

I also enjoy the lunch hour because I can spend time with the team on a more personal level. We’ve truly grown as a family.

As Chairperson of the Social Purpose Committee, what was the highlight of this year?

We successfully partnered with Building Up, a social contractor in Toronto that uses construction projects as a vehicle to prepare people with barriers for careers in the industry. Not only have we supported them with a financial commitment, but we have provided resources to help their trainees in areas of their lives beyond ‘work.’

I am extremely proud of the response by CMiC employees who stepped up to help. Whether it was the various raffles we hosted throughout the year or volunteering their time, we generated a lot of employee and community interest this year. We are always looking for fresh ideas and partnerships—so please reach out if you would like to get involved!

Based on our current trajectory, I am certain we will be even more successful next year.

Any tips for someone looking to join the CMiC team?

Take your time to understand the system. It is a very robust platform, so understand that you won’t have it all figured out on your first day. With that being said, the benefits of the vast platform bring a lot of value to the industry and to our clients. Believing in CMiC’s value to the industry will help as you grow into your role.


CMiC is growing! We have open positions in many of our departments. We encourage you to explore available opportunities and to apply if you find a role that’s aligned with your experience, skills and passions. If you don’t find an opportunity that suits your interests, you can still submit your resume. We’ll be sure to get back to you if we believe there’s a fit!