How we Help

CMiC software is the most advanced software package ever created for the construction industry, able to meet any business requirement.  For the past 40+ years, our clients have benefitted from the detailed insight into the unique business needs of the construction industry and partnered with some of the world’s largest and most technologically progressive firms, managing over $100 billion in projects along the way. To date, six percent of general building construction dollars are run through CMiC software.

minimize exposure by decades of best practices built into the software.
no matter the location: across geography and in online or offline environments, including employees, customers and vendors – each with their own permissions and rights.
with modules and views for every role in the construction industry – all driven off one database.
with ready to use templates developed for and with input from North American largest construction firms.
with queries and analytics to get essential information from a specific project or from a customer, regional, or corporate view with ease.
by connecting CMiC software seamlessly to outside systems and increasing interoperability so external organizations can work together.
with minimal maintenance and IT support.
by enabling your business with CMiC’s leading technology stack with advanced capabilities designed exclusively for the construction industry.
from the field to the office through CMiC’s 100% web-based software with no programming required on your end.
across your workforce – data is entered only once, integrating operations and finance saving you time.